My Lipstick Collection: The Pink Edition #2

Pink Lipstick Collection

Hello again beauties! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend despite the cold weather. As you know I'm a huge lover of pink, not to the point where all my clothes or pink but I kind of have a little obsession with pink lipsticks. I say little, I mean big! Every single time I come across a pretty pink lipstick I can't resist! what can I say? It's starting to become a habit.

Anyway last week I did the very first part of my Lipstick collection for the 'Pink Edition' and today I've chosen to show you 2 fabulous pink lipsticks from Collection 2000 or 'Collection' as they're now known.

Collection Lipstick Pink Shock, Collection Lipstick Bubblegum
Collection Lipstick Pink Shock Swatch, Collection Lipstick Bubblegum Swatch
Swatches; Left: Pink Shock  Right: Bubblegum
On the left is the shade 'Pink Shock' and on the right is the shade 'Bubblegum'.
'Pink Shock' is quite a vibrant pink shade and it's incredibly striking.

As you can tell, it's barely been worn as it's way too vibrant for my super pale skin but I do wear this sometimes when I have had a tan. 

The shade 'Bubblegum' has been in my makeup bag for as long as I can remember, It's a beautiful baby pink shade and I absolutely adore it. I bought this when I ran out of my old baby pink lipstick and this just seemed to fit right in and I've bought this repeatedly for years.

I bought these lipsticks from Superdrug for only £2.99 each which is quite cheap.
You can also buy them from Boots or any discount store such as Wilkinsons. These are definitely worth trying out if you're looking for a lipstick on a budget.

Have you tried these lipsticks?

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