Monday, 10 March 2014

My Birthday Haul

Birthday Haul

Hello lovelies!
As you all probably know from my previous posts it was my Birthday over a week ago on the 28th february and I turned the big 2-0. I know it's not exactly 21 but it's still a big deal right? I'm not a teenager anymore but it doesn't mean I will grow up anytime soon(unless I really have to of course).

I had a lovely day, I spent the day with my boyfriend(who wasn't my boyfriend at the time) and then came back home and chilled out watching a bit of telly(yes, I'm lazy but it was my birthday!) and my parents laid out a lovely buffet of food which was absolutely yummy!
 My grandparents and my aunty and uncle paid a little visit and stayed for a while, I don't really see them as often as I like so that was great.

Anyway enough about that, let's take a look at what I got for my Birthday shall we?

Birthday Haul
Lauren Conrad Beauty | Waterstones

I have wanted this for a long time now, it includes great makeup tips, tricks, techniques and she also talks about fitness, haircare and skincare etc.
Lauren Conrad is such a huge inspiration to so many girls, she's just unbelievably beautiful! If you don't know of Lauren Conrad then where the hell have you been hiding? under a rock? She used to be in one of the most famous reality shows in the US(The Hills) and she's now gone on to write at least 6 more books, amazing!
I bought this book from Waterstones for £14.99 but you can find it on their website here for £11.29. 

Birthday Haul
  Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter

This wasn't actually bought with my birthday money, I happened to have a little bit of money left so I picked this up from The Bodyshop(for such a bargain price may I add).
As I am a 'Love your body' member and it was my Birthday month I received an email for £5 off my order and I got an additional 10% off on top of it. This body butter is actually £13 but when I went into the store it was on offer for half price which meant I only had to pay a small payment of just £1.35 for it. Amazing right?!

Birthday Haul 

I wanted some new dvds so I picked up 3 different ones; So Undercover, The Hospital and Girl Most Likely. I absolutely love horror films! I don't know why but I do so that's my reason for picking up The Hospital, although I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone unless you can see past the disgusting sexual scenes- I couldn't even watch past the first few minutes of it. I absolutely love Miley Cyrus as an actress as well as a singer, she just cracks me up in 'So Undercover', I personally quite like this film. And finally, Girl Most Likely! I watched this at the weekend and oh my, I love it! I personally think it's quite funny as well as cute.

Birthday Haul
Rose Triangle Collar Necklace | Accesorize
Orchid Lux Stretch Bracelet | Accesorize

I walked straight into Accesorize and walked out within the space of maybe 5 minutes with these beauties in hand, aren't they lovely? I figured I needed some new jewellery and I just fell in love with this necklace and bracelet. They each cost £15 which is a fair price for them, I just can't wait to get some use out of them.

Birthday Haul
Light Pink Premium Quilted Tote Bag | River Island

Have I ever told you guys that I have a slight bag obsession? It's not as bad as it used to be though when I was younger. Man, when I was at least 12 I think I must have had at least 30 bags at one point. What 12 year old girl needs 30 bags though? Me, clearly.
I have calmed the obsession down a little to the point where I now have at least 5-6 bags.
Anyway, I did a little online browsing and came across the River Island sale and this beaut of a bag popped up on my handbag radar. It was cut down from £80 to £40(heaven!) and it looks absolutely stunning with the quilted detail at the front. It also has a detachable makeup bag too!(say what?!) and it's mahoosive! I can't really put into words just how much I love it but what a bargain eh?

Birthday Haul
New Look Purse

I actually received this from my aunty and uncle as a Birthday gift and I absolutely love it. I am guessing my aunty chose it for me, she knows me so well! I love the chain on the front. I needed a smaller purse so it was like she read my mind.

Aren't these flowers just gorgeous? These landed on my doorstep on the day of my Birthday and it was such a huge surprise. I received these as a gift from my lovely friend Karan which was so thoughtful, I've never had flowers on my Birthday before.


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