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Top Beauty Tips | A Bloggers Collaboration Part 1

Hello lovelies!
I really wanted to get myself more involved with the blogging community lately and I thought what better way to get involved in it than to invite some of you lovely ladies to take part in a bloggers collaboration with me and I had so many great responses to this.

There are so many tips and tricks out there and I am always learning something new. I thought a great idea would be to share a few of mine and other bloggers beauty tips with you. You may already know about a few of them and some you may never of heard of. I for one was amazed at how many tips I have never heard of. They're all extremely helpful!

I have decided to keep it short and sweet and split the collaboration in two parts as I didn't want to make it extensively long. I hope you enjoy!

My Top Beauty Tips! 

`1. Oily Hair- Every 2 to 3 days I wash my hair with a duo of shampoo and conditioner. I noticed that applying my conditioner on the roots of the hair made my hair overly greasy so what did I do? I stopped doing that of course. I now apply the shampoo all over the hair as normal and only apply my conditioner down the mids to the ends. That prevents my hair from producing more grease and oil and leaves it feeling better and fresher for longer.

2. Clean your Makeup brushes- Admittedly I can become quite lazy when it comes to this but it is definitely an important step for someone that suffers from oily skin and acne. When you use your makeup brushes quite often they become full of makeup, dirt and oil and that's never a good thing. Every weekend(when I'm not being lazy) I clean my makeup brushes with Johnsons Baby Shampoo. By doing this it gets rid of all that makeup and grime and they're fresh and clean ready for you to use for the next couple of days. You can also 'spot clean' them before or after use on the day of makeup application too. I have a tutorial here if you'd like to know more.

3. Match your foundation- I can firmly hold my hands up and say yes I have mismatched my foundation with my skin and no it was not pretty. Orange face and pale body? That's definitely a no no. I always used to test my foundation on my hand but it doesn't always give you the right match. Your hand can be a different colour to your face and neck. What I tend to do is pop a bit of foundation on the bottom of my chin, at the edge of my jaw and go into the natural light. This will ensure that you match the right foundation to your skin tone. None of that orange face and pale body business. You've found your match!

Hi I am Jules and I am am the blogger over at LippyLikes. I usually like to write about beauty news and reviews but today I am doing something  a little different. Today I am going to share with you my top three Beauty Hacks That WORK!

1. Everybody loves a glittery nail but aint nobody got time to remove it. I have tried all sorts of solutions in my time, from soaking in acetone to using industrial grade sandpaper, but to be honest it was all such a faff that I pretty much gave up on glitter polishes. But now I have discovered a hack that will let us all bring a little sparkle back into our lives. PVA GLUE! That’s right, the white stuff you used at school. Available at Poundland for just £1 for 500ml, this stuff is genius as a base coat for glitter. Just paint a thin layer directly onto your nail then manicure as you would normally. When you want to change your colour you just peel the polish off leaving your nail bare and ready for your next manicure. Genius!!!!!

2. As summer gets into full swing, I try to adapt my style a bit. I wear more chilled out make up and I like my hair to look a little less done.  To achieve my favourite beachy waves, I divide my hair into sections. I have thick hair so I work with 12 sections, if you have finer hair, eight sections may be enough for you. I then plait each section quite tightly and secure with a band. Once all sections are plaited I take my beloved GHDs and run them down the length of the plaits two or three times each. I leave for five minutes to cool, then take out the plaits. To finish I turn my head upside down and run my fingers through my hair. I then flip my hair back, spray it a little and VOILA - check me out looking like I got lost on my way to Coachella.

3. You will thank me for my third and final tip. You will thank me on those days when you finish your makeup, pull on your new white top and ARGHHHH you smear makeup all over the neckline. Don't panic! Stop screaming! Just head into the bathroom, find a tin of your boy's shaving cream and spray foam all over the stain. Gently work the foam into the stain, leave for minute or two then simply wipe the foam away with a facecloth. As if my magic, the stain will have disappeared. Who needs Dynamo????
So there you are - my top three beauty hacks that work. I hope you found them useful. If so then why not head over to Lippylikes to read more beauty news and reviews. See you there x


My 3 top beauty tips are;

1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!
Never forget to moisturize your skin - it's a vital step in your skin care routine. Even if you have the oiliest skin known to man you still need to moisturize it! When you wash your face, you strip it of
all its natural oils, this means that we become susceptible to infections and spots! You expose your skin to all the dirt in the atmosphere. But by applying moisturizer you keep your skin hydrated, healthy
 and looking good. And we all want good looking skin don't we?!

2. Apply concealer in a V Shape Under your Eyes
By doing this you completely banish those dark circles. Start right at the inside corner at the bridge of your nose, then go to opposite corner at your outer lash line, then finally go down to make a V.
This completely gets rid of dark circles. Also, never rub in your concealer, this will age your eyes as time goes on. Gently pat it in.

3. Dry Shampoo is your best friend!
Me and dry shampoo are best buddies! We spend a lot of time with each other. It helps me get more volume in my hair, makes it smell great and makes it last longer. Who has time to wash their hair
every single day? If you're like me, then you have to wash it, blow dry it, then decide whether to straighten, curl or wave. It's a lot of time, but with dry shampoo, I can do this once every 2/3 days.
Dry shampoo is my favourite beauty tip, it makes my hair look amazing!

Hi everyone,

I'm Laur From MissLJBeauty I blog about Beauty,fashion and my upcoming wedding.

Today I'm over here with the gorgeous Lauren to do a Collab.
(this is me make up free except lip balm)

My top 3 beauty tips.


Water water water

1. Now this is my most important beauty tip. I am 30 about to be 31 and no one ever believes my age and thinks I'm in my early 20's. I put this down to the fact I drink loads of water and
 this gives me good skin (most of the time). You have no idea the effect having the right amount of water in your body can do for you skin and your mood. So girls grab a glass and get drinking.

Make up free days

2. You know I love me some make up but there has to be make up free days in your routine. your skin is such a precious asset. Yes make up has  good things in it but your skin will thanks you for a day off.
I like to pop on a good moisturizer I'm using skindoctors No More pores £25.95 and really like it.  Every good make up look starts with your skin


3. I'm in the Highlands not much sun. I believe in faking not baking if I can. Dont get me wrong I love tanning but as I'm getting older I'm trying to be a bit more protective.
My key to the application of bronzer is really simple. Take a torch to your mirror. shine the touch at you face and notice where the sun/light would hit your face naturally this is where you apply bronzer.
This is my go to Bourjois Bronzer £7.99.

Hope you enjoyed this post pop over to my blog and check me out
please remember when your over send me your links too.

MissLJBeauty xoxo

So many amazing, great tips there for you ladies(or gents!) and some amazing ladies too. I hope they all helped. Keep your eyes open for PART 2 tomorrow.

What are your top beauty tips?


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