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Top Beauty Tips | A Bloggers Collaboration Part 2

Hello lovelies!
 I hope you enjoyed yesterdays first part of the lovely bloggers collaboration. Myself and a few other lovely ladies have shared our best and favourite top beauty tips which I find to be incredibly helpful. Some of these tips will definitely come in handy to you one day.

Who's up for some more top beauty tips? I sure am! Let's get going shall we?

(1) Its all about being natural
Basically, if you suffer with overly dry skin or flakes etc go to your supermarket and buy natural yogurt. Natural yogurt is good for your skin and gives you that bit of
moisture your skin craves. I used to suffer with dry skin (mainly due to lack of moisturizing silly teenage Katie!) so my skin was out of control.
Apply this all over your face and leave to sit for around 20-40 minutes on your face until you feel it starting to go numb-ish. Then wash off when the times up.
Your face will feel like its just drank a gallon of water, its incredible how soft my skin felt after this it is definitely one of my favourite/quirky beauty tip that is inexpensive and natural.

(2) Less is more
I used to think using a lot of skincare products would help get rid of imperfections, but instead my face gradually got worse and I never gave products long enough to work. Keep your skincare routine simple, nobody needs to use: facial washes, serums, masks, scrubs, spot treatments etc all in one day your skin is just going to build up and possibly even increase your oils/dryness. Keep it simple then that way your face will adapt better to products and you will notice results.

(3) Natural beach waves
This is a tip/trick I use all the time because I avoid using heat on my hair completely. When I have just washed my hair and it is damp but gradually getting dry I apply some Moroccan or argan oil then put two plaits in either side of my hair either: normal of fish plaits. I go to sleep with them in then the next morning take them out (give them around 12 hours or more left in your hair if possible) then I get this wavy kind of hair. I like to flick my hair forward brush them apart with my fingers then you're done! if you're wanting texture a good product I like is VO5 give me texture. I also like to backcomb the ends of the waves to keep them in place. This is a great hairstyle avoids using heat and fits in with the time of year!

Warm up your eyelash curler

Blast your normal eyelash curler with your hair dryer for a couple of seconds before curling. The added heat gives a bigger and better curl that lasts longer!
Always test the heat on your wrist before heading straight for the eye area, just to check you aren’t going to burn yourself!

Brighten up your nails... with toothpaste!

If you’ve worn a darker colour for a while, you can sometimes end up with yellowish or slightly off colour nails. Gently scrubbing and cleaning the nails with a toothpaste that has a whitening element
will help bring your nails back to their nice colour, leaving you with lovely, white, natural tips!
Always make sure you have completely cleaned the toothpaste off afterwards, and try applying a cuticle oil just to avoid any dehydration.

Keep everything clean!

If you’ve wondered why a nasty spot keeps reoccurring, or that you seem to be getting more of them, it’s time to take a look at how clean your make up really is.
If you’ve used a concealer on a spot, wash the brush you have used in before dipping back into the product. This can be quite time consuming, but it saves the bacteria living inside the product and giving you more spots every time you apply. If you are suffering quite badly, try getting some disposable makeup brushes/sponges for concealer, foundation, mascara etc. You can just throw them away after one use and they aren’t too expensive to buy!
Wash your make up brushes as often as possible in an antibacterial soap that is kind to skin. Make sure you allow them to dry naturally and that they are fully dry before re-using them!

Using Lip Lacquer as a cheek stain

You're about to hit the road and you have absolutely no space left in your bag for extra makeup- just take a lip lacquer

I hope you all enjoyed reading through those tips. That is the second and last part of the bloggers collaboration and I have loved being involved in this. If anyone would like to take part in another collaboration in the future please let me know. 


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