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10 Reasons to be excited for Christmas 2014 | Guest Post

Hello lovelies! Another day, another blog post. This time by 'MyDogBlog09'. She doesn't just post about beauty though. You'll find lifestyle and beauty, with a little fashion thrown into the mix.
 Ten reasons to be excited for Christmas 2014

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Christmas home decor

Hi everyone! I'm mydogblog09 from, here for a little Christmasy Guest Post for y'all! Christmas is by far my favourite holiday, (I mean it can't be any worse than Halloween or Easter?) Now, I don't normally allow myself to get to excited so early on in the year, but a Christmas shopping trip later and I'm all festive, say with my Christmassy drink writing a Christmassy post, whilst seeing all the Christmassy adverts on TV (sorry, I know that's a little OTT, but it's true?) So without further ado, here's my ten reasons to get excited for Christmas... 1. It's less than six weeks away! It's going to come around much quicker than you think, six weeks is only 42 days, and it's less than that already! 2. Christmas Advent Calendars, think about it, whether you get chocolate, or makeup, it's a little something every single day. What other time in the year do you get that? 3. You can watch Elf again and again and nobody can say anything. Christmas movies are the perfect way to get you in the festive mood! 4. Christmas shopping it takes forever, but I really do love it. Finding the perfect present for everyone is one of my favourite things to do. 5. You can eat as much as you want for your Christmas dinner, and to be honest, in the buildup too- all those mince pies and ginger reads and hog roasts and macaroons. 6. Lush's Christmas collection is the perfect chance to grab your favourite Lush goodies before they vanish for another year, I end up spending way too much on the Christmas collection, but it does last me well into March? 7. Jumpers, jumpers and yes, more jumpers! I absolutely love wearing oversized sweaters in Winter, and Christmas is the perfect excuse to pull out your favourite, no matter how cheesy it is! 8. Christmas holidays, I mean who doesn't want a few days or even weeks off work/school? Need I say more? 9. Early nights, the days are shorter and nights are longer. So more time to sleep, right? 10. Presents! I've saved the best until last, opening presents on Christmas Day is the best. All the hard work, the sweat and tears is completely worth it to see the look on someone's face! I hope you agree that there's so many reasons to be excited to Christmas, but there are mine. What's yours? Don't forget to tweet me your top ten reasons that you're excited for Christmas!

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies! Make sure you check out her lovely blog as located in the link above at the top.
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