Monday, 24 November 2014

Get your Glow Back | Guest Post

Hello there lovelies! As I mentioned in my last pregnancy update, me and my partner are moving out. In fact we got our keys on Monday and we've been incredibly busy with painting, decorating and moving our property in so it's been a little hectic recently. I have absolutely no wifi which means no internet and no blogging for me(boo!). Until I am completely set up in my new home, I thought I'd introduce you to a few lovely guest bloggers of mine who will be posting here on Beauty Division over the next week. 

First up is the lovely Beth from MissCosmeticBlogger!

 Heyy, I'm Beth and I blog over at MissCosmeticBlogger and I'm so excited to be writing a guest post on the lovely Lauren's blog while she is moving house!

I thought something to do with Winter would be appropriate, it's getting so much colder outside, and when I was looking through pictures of Summer the other day I realised I had lost my glow. When I say glow I don't mean my tan, because I do not tan...ever! I mean the sun hitting the top of your cheek bones kind of glow that you can only get in Spring and Summer. I then decided that I simply had to recreate this and raided my collection for something that might be able to.

Upon going through my makeup I found three products that achieved the effect I was going for, with only one high end which is rather a result if you ask me!

The first one I found was Soap&Glory Glow All Out powder, this is described as 'luminising face powder' but this wouldn't be something you'd use all over the face, it is way too shimmery and would make you look like a disco ball. However, dusted over the top of the cheekbones the light orangey pink powder suits my pale complexion and adds a gorgeous sheen. My preferred way to apply this powder is to use my RealTechniques Setting Brush, it's my favourite brush to use as it lets me highlight precisely where I want product to go.

Next up is the high end Benefit Highbeam highlighter. I personally love Highbeam for the simple fact that it is so easy to apply on the go, as all you need is three dots of this pink champagne highlighter and your fingers to blend it in et voila! Stunningly glowy skin using a highlighter suitable for so many different skintones.

My final highlighter is one that isn't readily available but I think Topshop Glow in Polished is pretty similar. This is a Glossybox exclusive collab with Kroylan which has created this gold champagne cream highlight. Another that is easy to use by dabbing it onto the skin and then blending it in with your fingers to add the finishing touches to an everyday or evening makeup look.

I hoped you liked my three products for getting your glow back, and maybe I might have persuaded you to try on or two of them if you haven't already! 

 Thanks so much to Beth for writing up a guest post! I really appreciate it. If you'd like to get to know Beth and her blog a bit better then please do check out her blog linked above in the post.

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