Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A Family Afternoon Walk | Lifestyle

I've always talked about getting a little personal here on the blog and incorporate a bit of my life into it to help you to get to know me a bit better but that's just never happened. Just last Saturday I had a fantastic family afternoon walk on the Tarka Trail in my hometown which was so enjoyable and so I thought I would share that day with you.

The Tarka Trail is pretty much a long footpath throughout North Devon for cyclists and those that enjoy a long walk in general or to travel to the nearby beach. Me, Josh, my younger sister and brother decided to take a walk along with their dog Molly. It was nice to take her for a walk as it was great weather on the day and great exercise for her as well as me(great for helping me lose the 'mum tum', haha).

I felt so silly though. I was wearing skinny jeans and a jumper. It was so hot, I just felt like stripping but that was clearly not an option, haha. I should've at least took some spare clothes with me. That's something I'll have to bare in mind next time.

The Tarka Trail is quite long and so we decided to just walk a few miles and we stopped off at a quay which had a small cafe, a park, picnic benches and not to mention, some pretty great views. It was so nice to get away from the town. It was so peaceful.

We packed some food up beforehand and we made a little picnic for us all. It was so sunny, I had to take in the lovely views and I couldn't help taking a few snaps. It was such a long walk there and a long walk back so it was nice to just relax and have something to eat and drink inbetween. I was completely knackered when I got home.

Overall, it was a fantastic day with a lot of laughs, jokes, incredible weather and I ended up with a sunburnt back! Unlucky for me. That'll teach me for not plying my skin with the sun cream, oops.

 I am really looking forward to this summer. Alfie is growing up so quick so we will be able to do so much more with him. Hopefully this summer it will be more sun than rain but you never know with the british weather can you eh?

Oh, and I must apologise for the photo heavy post. I got a little carried away.

How will you be spending your Summer?

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