Masque Bar Metallic Foil Sheet Masks

As I've mentioned many times before, my skin is all over the place right now, which I put down to pregnancy and hormonal changes. I have been keeping my skin in check by indulging in a face mask or two per week and putting a strict skincare regime in place, and I like to think it's really working for me. 
Now over the last few months I have been trying out different face masks, including peel-off masks, clay masks and charcoal face masks, but the ones that I am really favouring over those are sheet masks. They are simple, effective, easy to use, and best of all, they are mess-free. I guess you could say I like the easy option. I mean, all you have to do is whack it out a packet and place it on your face and leave it to work its magic. Pretty simple, eh? 
I have tried a few sheet masks over the last few years(though I haven't tried an extortionate amount), but the latest ones that I have put to the test are the Masque Bar Metallic Foil Sheet Masks. I previously tried out the Masque Bar Pretty Animalz Sheet Masks(which I really loved) so I was intrigued to give the new foil sheet masks a go.
There are three different options to choose from; Rose Gold, Silver or Gold. I have put two of the three to the test, Rose Gold and Gold
Masque Bar Metallic Foil Sheet Masks

Palmer's Olive Oil Hair Range Review

At times my hair can be far from manageable. It's thin, coloured, knotty, somewhat dry and seriously lacking in the volume department, so I am always trying out and testing new hair products to help address those issues. I previously tried the Shea Moisture Smooth and Tame Argan Oil and Almond Milk Range out(which I really loved) but beforehand I put the Palmer's Olive Oil Hair Range to the test.

Palmer's currently have a very extensive range of products using their Olive Oil formula(twelve to be specific), and I have been trying out four of them. I have been trying out the Olive Oil Smoothing Shampoo, Replenishing Conditioner, Weightless Shine Dry Oil Mist and the Deep Conditioner.

The Olive Oil Formula is most specifically designed for those with hair that is prone to frizz. I am quite prone to frizz and it can be a challenge to fix it, especially when it's exposed to damp and humid weather.

Palmers Olive Oil Hair Range Review

A Mini Revolution Makeup Haul

Just last week myself and Josh took ourselves off into town with Harrison whilst Alfie was at nursery. We didn't plan to treat ourselves to anything, but I did, although I wasn't super spendy. I popped into Superdrug to see if there was anything new or worth picking up and I ended up coming out of the shop with three things, all of which are from Revolution(previously known as Makeup Revolution). I don't make a habit of buying new makeup lately so it was a real treat for me, though everything I bought was really inexpensive.

A Mini Revolution Makeup Haul

NIA(Not into Aging) Skincare Review

For the last few months now I've been trying out some new skincare from a brand I had never tried, nor heard of before called NIA(Not into Aging). They are an American brand which is currently stocked in Macy's and Ulta, and has only just made it's way to UK shores.

They produce a number of products which not only help to prevent the signs of early aging but are also made specifically to combat the stressors and effects of daily life, from sleeping in your makeup(which I've done multiple times, I'm ashamed to say) to late nights, hangovers and even looking down at your phone. 

NIA Skincare Review
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