A Baby Announcement and My Birth Story

Only a few months ago I let you into a little secret of mine. I was expecting baby number three! It was a shock to many, including myself and Josh. After our 20 week scan we were told we were expecting yet another little boy and we were given an EDD(estimated due date) of the 7th June 2018. I didn't share much throughout my third pregnancy but after a long wait, he arrived on the 9th June, two days past his due date. I didn't expect to go full term as both Alfie and Harrison were born earlier so it was quite a surprise. He really was waay too comfortable in there, haha.

We already decided on our boys name way before he was born. In fact, me and Josh talked about it and agreed to the name as soon as we came out from our 20 week scan and we stuck with it. We named our bundle of joy Oscar. He arrived weighing a very healthy 8lbs 15oz. I was absolutely shook when I was told his weight. My midwife said I hid him well, haha.

A Baby Announcement and My Birth Story

The birth was a complete surprise, and absolutely terrifying at the same time. My contractions started off at around 7am and as time went by, they started getting stronger and closer together. I rang up the labour ward and they urged me to come in asap so I then made arrangements for the boys to get picked up and for my parents to drop us off at the hospital. I then got changed into my usual clothes(big mistake!) and 5 minutes later my waters broke. Now, what happened next was absolutely terrifying... As soon as my waters broke Oscar was already on his way into the world. It happened so fast. Despite planning a hospital birth he arrived in our home at 8:05am, with a little(a lotta!) help from Josh. There is nothing that prepares you for that. I don't think he ever expected to deliver his own baby. Well we both didn't. It was such a scary experience but Josh was an absolute gem. He kept me calm while making sure Oscar was kept warm and well. I'm sure he thinks he should be a qualified midwife now.

The first person I rang as soon as I gave birth was my mum. I was so terrified, I needed a familiar voice. When I told her that I'd given birth already at home, she thought I was joking, but she soon realised I wasn't and she urged me to get hold of the labour ward, and so I did. They sent out a community midwife and an ambulance(which arrived nearly an hour after giving birth btw!). I just feel blessed that Oscar was fine. I dread to think what could've happened, especially as they took so long to arrive. 

We were both checked over and all seemed well until my blood pressure was taken. It wasn't a surprise that it was so high. I mean, I just gave birth at home without any painkillers! I was hoping I would be able to stay home but they said I had to be taken into hospital as a precaution. I ended up spending the day there and I was able to go home the next day.

 Oscar is now a month old and thriving, although we had a small stint in hospital a few days ago. He is absolutely fine now though, it wasn't anything too serious. He wasn't back to his birth weight so my health visitor had to refer me to the hospital where they found out that Oscar had a UTI(urinary tract infection). He's put a lot of weight on since then, but he's got to take medication for the next couple of days to eliminate it. 

The last month has been eventful to say the least. I can't believe how well the boys have took to him. At first Harrison was a little bit jealous, clinging to me at every opportunity, but he's since calmed down. Alfie was besotted with Oscar from the moment he met him. He came to visit in the hospital and my heart could just burst with pride when I seen them together.

I admit, I wasn't too sure about how I was going to handle being a mum of three. Whilst it hasn't exactly been a doddle, I feel like I have finally got our routine down. Yes, it's been tricky at times. There's been days where I've wanted to laugh and there's been days where I've wanted to cry, but that's part and parcel of being a parent. I wouldn't change it for the world. I finally feel like my family is complete.

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St Tropez Extra Dark Bronzing Mousse | Review

For the best part of two/three years I was an absolute tanning fanatic, though I had never tried spray tans or sun beds. Nuh-uh, I was all about the fake kind. I just couldn't afford to witter away £20+ everytime I wanted to top up so fake tan was an easier and cheaper option for me. I have tried many brands of fake tan, from St Moriz to L'Oreal and St Tropez. Speaking of St Tropez, they recently released a new product; the Extra Dark Bronzing Mousse which I was very kindly sent out to try.

St Tropez Extra Dark Bronzing Mousse

Whitewash Nano Daily Whitening Regime Review

If there is one thing I am super self conscious about it's my teeth. From a young age I never had the best looking teeth, despite taking very good care of them. I had an overbite which a couple of people had pointed out during my school years. I was pointed at, laughed at and I was even nicknamed 'Bugs Bunny' by a few classroom bullies, which is enough to make anyone feel embarassed and upset by their appearance. Thankfully since then my overbite has been corrected through a couple of years of wearing braces, and then onto a double jaw surgery operation. It was quite a dramatic move to make, but it seems to have been for the best, though I still have a few issues with my teeth now.

I am still not yet comfortable with smiling with my teeth, even though they are straighter. I've always wanted them to be much whiter, though I never wanted to invest a lot of money in my bid for whiter teeth so I always tried cheaper alternatives instead, most of which were whitening toothpastes.

For the last couple of months I've been testing out the Whitewash Nano Daily Whitening Regime in my bid to achieve whiter teeth, but did it get a thumbs up, or a thumbs down? 

Whitewash Nano Daily Whitening Regime

April and May Beauty Favourites

How are we nearly at the end of May already? I feel like this year is already going way too fast for my liking, but of course, as we are getting closer to the end of May that means we are getting closer to my due date too. I am 38 weeks and 3 days along as of today which is super exciting, but I am also feeling a bit 'meh' lately too. I just cannot wait to meet little man number 3, but the pain is excruciating as of late, making it so difficult to even find the tiniest bit of motivation to blog. Yes, I am still in pain and swollen everywhere but I seem to have found that motivation today, thank god.

Anyway, putting that exciting news aside, as it's been way too long to post an Aprils Favourites, I thought I'd combine it with this months too, although there isn't too much to share. I've been using the same products over the last two months. I've become quite attached to them, and for good reason.

April and May Beauty Favourites

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