My Name is Lauren, I'm 23 years old and with an enthusiasm for everything beauty and fashion related. Ever since I was at the stark age of 13 years old I started to develop a sudden interest in makeup, hair and fashion. I've always wanted to start my own blog from a young age ever since I got indulged into the world of beauty blogs. I enjoyed reading what other people thought of products they'd bought and I was always interested in what the 'next best thing' was.

 I have always wanted to create my very own blog to share my own thoughts and opinions with everyone but I never had the guts at such a young age up until now. Finally at the age of 19 I started up my blog and I named it 'beautydivision'.
You may wonder why I chose 'beautydivision' for my blog and I really have no answer for that.. It just seemed to fit right.

Thank you to everyone who takes their time to read my blog and shows an interest in what I've wrote because it means so much to me that now that I've eventually started up my very own blog.

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